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up.protocol X-Up-Location
HTTP header

The server may set this optional response header to change the browser location after a fragment update.

Without this header Unpoly will set the browser location to the response URL, which is usually sufficient.

When setting X-Up-Location it is recommended to also set X-Up-Method. If no X-Up-Method header is given and the response's URL changed from the request's URL, Unpoly will assume a redirect and set the method to GET.

Internet Explorer 11

There is an edge case on Internet Explorer 11, where Unpoly cannot detect the final URL after a redirect. You can fix this edge case by delivering X-Up-Location and X-Up-Method headers with the last response in a series of redirects.

The simplest implementation is to set these headers for every request.


X-Up-Location: /current-url
X-Up-Method: GET
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