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API Motion tuning

When updating page fragments, you may animate the change using an { animation } or { transition } option. Respectively you may use an [up-animation] or [up-transition] HTML attribute.

The page details some features to fine-tune the animation effect.

Changing the duration

You may change the duration of an animation or transition by passing a { duration } option. Its value is the duration in milliseconds.

The default is { duration: 175 }. You may change this with up.motion.config.duration.


To control the acceleration of an animation, pass an { easing } option.

See MDN documentation for a list of pre-defined timing functions.

The default is { easing: 'ease' }. You may change this with up.motion.config.easing.

Disabling animation globally

By default animations are enabled unless the user has chosen to minimize non-essential motion it in their system.

To force-enable animations for all users, set up.motion.config.enabled = true.

To disable animations for all users, set up.motion.config.enabled = false. This is useful to minimize concurrency automated integration tests.

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