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up.event a[up-emit]
HTML selector

Emits the given event when this link is clicked.

When the emitted event's default' is prevented, the original click event's default is also prevented.

You may use this attribute to emit events when clicking on areas that are no hyperlinks, by setting it on an <a> element without a [href] attribute.


This hyperlink will emit an user:select event when clicked:

<a href='/users/5'
  up-emit-props='{ "id": 5, "firstName": "Alice" }'>

  up.on('a', 'user:select', function(event) {
    console.log(event.firstName) // logs "Alice"
    event.preventDefault()       // will prevent the link from being followed

Modifying attributes


The type of the event to be emitted.

[up-emit-props='{}'] optional

The event properties, serialized as JSON.