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Changes Version 0.62.0
Released on May 22, 2020 with 7 commits


This release backports a number of accessibility improvements from the next major version of Unpoly. We encourage everyone to upgrade to this release in order to better support users with visual impairments.

The following changes are included:

  • Links with an [up-instant] attribute can now be followed with the keyboard.
  • Fragments that are being destroyed now get an [aria-hidden=true] attribute while its disappearance is being animated. When a fragment is being swapped with a new version, the old fragment version is also given [aria-hidden=true] while it's disappearing.
  • Modal dialogs now get an [aria-modal=true] attribute.

The next major version of Unpoly will include additional accessibility improvements. In particular the new modal ("layer") implementation will implement all best practices for accessible dialogs.


If you're upgrading from an older Unpoly version you should load unpoly-migrate.js to polyfill deprecated APIs. Changes handled by unpoly-migrate.js are not considered breaking changes.

See our upgrading guide for details.