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Changes Version 1.0.0
Released on May 06, 2021 with 16 commits


For six years Unpoly has been released under a 0.x version number. To establish the maturity and stability of the project, we're releasing today's version as 1.0.0.

There are only three changes from 0.62.1:

  • Fix a bug where up.util.escapeHTML()` would not escape single quotes.
  • Unpoly will no longer wait a JavaScript execution task to boot after DOMContentLoaded. This may improve the stability of test suites that previously interacted with the page too soon.
  • You may now disable the Unpoly banner in the development console with up.log.config.banner = false. (change by @hfjallemark).

This is the last release of the 0.x API line. We're tracking its code in the 1.x-stable, but expect little to no changes in the future.

The next release will be Unpoly 2. It will include major (but mostly backwards compatible) renovations to its API, unlocking many use cases that were not possible with Unpoly 1.


If you're upgrading from an older Unpoly version you should load unpoly-migrate.js to polyfill deprecated APIs. Changes handled by unpoly-migrate.js are not considered breaking changes.

See our upgrading guide for details.