Revision code

Changes Version 1.0.1
Released on July 13, 2021 with 8 commits


This is a maintenance release for Unpoly 1. Expect little to no additional changes for this legacy version. New features will only be added to Unpoly 2.

  • up.request() will now send Unpoly's version number as an X-Up-Version request header. Since X-Up-Target is optional in Unpoly 2, server-side integration libraries can look for X-Up-Version to reliably detect a fragment update for both Unpoly 1 and 2.
  • Fix a bug where the Unpoly banner would still be printed to the development console when up.log.config.banner = false is set. (fix by @adam12)


If you're upgrading from an older Unpoly version you should load unpoly-migrate.js to polyfill deprecated APIs. Changes handled by unpoly-migrate.js are not considered breaking changes.

See our upgrading guide for details.