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API Optimizing responses

Servers may inspect request headers to customize or shorten responses, e.g. by omitting content that isn't targeted or by rendering different content for overlays.

Omitting content that isn't targeted

Unpoly transmits the targeted selector in an X-Up-Target request header.

Server-side code may shorten its response by only rendering HTML that matches the target selector. For example, you might prefer to not render an expensive sidebar if the sidebar is not targeted.

Doing this is fully optional. The server is free to send redundant elements or full HTML documents. Only the targeted fragment will be updated on the page. Other elements from the response will be discarded.


The user makes a request to /sitemap in order to updates a fragment .menu. Unpoly makes a request like this:

GET /sitemap HTTP/1.1
X-Up-Target: .menu

The server may choose to optimize its response by only render only the HTML for the .menu fragment. It responds with the following HTTP:

Vary: X-Up-Target

<div class="menu">...</div>


Request headers that influenced a response should be listed in a Vary response header. This tells Unpoly to partition its cache for that URL so that each request header value gets a separate cache entries.

Rendering different content for overlays

This request header contains the targeted layer's mode in an X-Up-Mode request header.

Server-side code is free to render different HTML for different modes. For example, you might prefer to not render a site navigation for overlays.

X-Up-Mode: drawer
X-Up-Target: main

The server chooses to render only the HTML required for the overlay. It responds with the following HTTP:

Vary: X-Up-Mode


Rendering different content for Unpoly requests

When Unpoly updates a fragment, it always includes an X-Up-Version header.

Server-side code may check for the presence of an X-Up-Version header to distinguish fragment updates from full page loads.


The user updates a fragment. Unpoly automatically includes the following request header:

X-Up-Version: 1.0.0

The server chooses to render different HTML to Unpoly requests, e.g. by excluding the document <head> and only rendering the <body>. The server responds with the folowing HTTP:

Vary: X-Up-Version


Rendering content that depends on layer context

Layer context is an object that exists for the lifetime of a layer.

You may use this to re-use existing interactions in an overlay, bit with a variation like a different page title.