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up.radio [up-flashes]
HTML selector

This feature is experimental. It may be changed or removed in a future version.

Use an [up-flashes] element to show confirmations, alerts or warnings.

A confirmation flash, an error flash and a warning flash

You application layout should have an empty [up-flashes] element to indicate where flash messages should be inserted:

  Navigation items ...
<div up-flashes></div> <!-- mark-line -->
  Main page content ...

To render a flash message, include an [up-flashes] element in your response. The element's content should be the messages you want to render:

<div up-flashes>
  <strong>User was updated!</strong>

  Main response content ...

See notification flashes for more details and examples.

Modifying attributes

[up-transition] optional

The name of an transition to morph between the old and few notification flashes.

[up-duration] optional

The duration of the transition (in millisconds).

[up-easing] optional

The timing function that accelerates the transition.

See MDN documentation for a list of available timing functions.