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up.script up.$compiler(selector, [options], compiler)
JavaScript function

This feature has been deprecated. Use up.compiler() with a callback that wraps the given native element in a jQuery collection.

Load unpoly-migrate.js to polyfill deprecated features.

Registers a function to be called when an element with the given selector is inserted into the DOM. The function is called with each matching element as a jQuery object.

If you're not using jQuery, use up.compiler() instead, which calls the compiler function with a native element.


This jQuery compiler will insert the current time into a <div class='current-time'></div>:

up.$compiler('.current-time', function($element) {
  var now = new Date()


selector string

The selector to match.

[options] Object optional
compiler Function($element, data)

The function to call when a matching element is inserted.

See compiler argument for up.compiler().