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up.radio up.radio.config
JavaScript property

Configures defaults for passive updates.


[config.hungrySelectors] Array<string> optional

An array of CSS selectors that is replaced whenever a matching element is found in a response. These elements are replaced even when they were not targeted directly.

By default this contains the [up-hungry] attribute.

[config.pollInterval=30000] number optional

The default [polling](/up-poll] interval in milliseconds.

[config.pollEnabled=true] booleanorstringorFunction(Element) optional

Whether Unpoly will follow instructions to poll fragments, like the [up-poll] attribute.

When set to 'auto' Unpoly will skip polling updates while one of the following applies:

When set to true, Unpoly will always allow polling.

When set to false, Unpoly will never allow polling.

You may also pass a function that accepts the polling fragment and returns true, false or 'auto'.

When an update is skipped due to polling being disabled, Unpoly will try to poll again after the configured interval.

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