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up.fragment up:fragment:loaded
DOM event

This event is emitted when the server responds with the HTML, before the HTML is used to change a fragment.

Event listeners may call event.preventDefault() on an up:fragment:loaded event to prevent any changes to the DOM and browser history. This is useful to detect an entirely different page layout (like a maintenance page or fatal server error) which should be open with a full page load:

up.on('up:fragment:loaded', (event) => {
  let isMaintenancePage = event.response.getHeader('X-Maintenance')

  if (isMaintenancePage) {
    // Prevent the fragment update and don't update browser history

    // Make a full page load for the same request.

Instead of preventing the update, listeners may also access the event.renderOptions object to mutate options to the up.render() call that will process the server response.



Event listeners may call this method to prevent the fragment change.

event.request up.Request

The original request to the server.

event.response up.Response

The server response.

[event.origin] Element optional

The link or form element that caused the fragment update.

event.renderOptions Object

Options for the up.render() call that will process the server response.

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