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up.layer a[up-accept]
HTML selector

Accepts the current layer when the link is clicked.

The JSON value of the [up-accept] attribute becomes the overlay's acceptance value.


<a href='/users/5' up-accept='{ "id": 5 }'>Choose user #5</a>

Fallback for the root layer

The link's [href] will only be followed when this link is clicked in the root layer. In an overlay the click event's default action is prevented.

You can also omit the [href] attribute to make a link that only works in overlays.

Modifying attributes

[up-accept] optional

The overlay's acceptance value as a JSON string.

[up-confirm] optional

A message the user needs to confirm before the layer is closed.

[up-duration] optional

The close animation's duration in milliseconds.

[up-easing] optional

The close animation's easing function.