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API Focus option

When updating a fragment you may control how Unpoly moves focus by passing a { focus } option or [up-focus] attribute.

Changing the focus will make a screen reader start reading from the focused position.

When navigating Unpoly will default to { focus: 'auto' }.

Focusing the fragment

Pass 'target' to focus the new fragment.

Focusing the current layer

Pass 'layer' to focus the layer of the updated fragment.

Focusing another element

Pass a CSS selector string to focus a matching element.

From JavaScript you may also pass the Element object that should be focused.

If the element isn't already focusable, Unpoly will give it an [tabindex=-1] attribute.

Preserving focus

Pass 'keep' to preserve focus-related element properties.

When the focused fragment is rediscovered in the new content, the following properties are preserved:

  • Cursor position ("Caret")
  • Selection range
  • Scroll position (X/Y)

Resetting focus to the layer

Pass 'layer' to focus the container element of the updated layer.

Restoring focus positions

Pass 'reset' to restore the last known focus positions for the updated layer's URL.

Unpoly will automatically save focus positions before a fragment update. You may disable this behavior with { saveFocus: false }.

Revealing the URL's #hash target

Pass 'hash' to focus the element matching the #hash in the URL.

Revealing the main element

Pass 'main' to reveal the updated layer's main element.

Don't focus

Pass false to keep all focus positions.

Conditional focusing

To only focus when a main target is updated, you may append -if-main to any of the string options in this list.

E.g. 'reset-if-main' will reset focus positions, but only if a main target is updated.

To only focus when the focus was lost with the old fragment, you may append -if-list to any of the string options in this list.

E.g. 'target-if-lost' will focus the new fragment, but only if the update caused focus to be lost.

To implement other conditions, pass a function instead.

Attempt multiple focus strategies

Pass an array of focus option and Unpoly will use the first applicable value.

E.g. ['hash', 'reset'] will first try to an element mathing the #hash in the URL. If the URL has no #hash, focus positions will be reset.

Automatic focus logic

Pass 'auto' to try a sequence of focus strategies that works for most cases. This is the default when navigating.

  • Focus a #hash in the URL.
  • Focus an [autofocus] element in the new fragment.
  • If focus was lost with the old fragment, focus the new fragment.
  • If updating a main target, focus the new fragment.

You may configure this logic in up.fragment.config.autoFocus.

Custom focus logic

You may also pass a function with your custom focusing logic.

The function will be called with the updated fragment and an options object. The function is expected to either:

  • Focus the viewport to the desired position. Focusing must not change scroll positions, since scrolling is governed by a separate { scroll } option. Both Element#focus() and up.focus() accept a { preventScroll: true } option to prevent scrolling.
  • Return one of the focus options in this list
  • Do nothing
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