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up.Layer up.Layer.prototype.accept([value], [options])
Class method

Closes this overlay with an accepting intent, e.g. when a change was confirmed or when a value was selected.

To dismiss a layer without an accepting intent, use up.Layer#dismiss() instead.


[value] any optional

The acceptance value that will be passed to { onAccepted } callbacks.

If there isn't an acceptance value, omit this argument. If you need to pass options without an acceptance value, pass null:

up.layer.accept(null, { animation: 'move-to-bottom' })
[options.confirm] string optional

A message the user needs to confirm before the overlay is closed.

[options.response] up.Response optional experimental

The server response that caused this overlay to close.

May be left blank if the overlay was not closed in reaction to a server response.

[options.animation] stringorFunction(Element, Object) optional

The animation to use for closing this layer.

Defaults to the close animation configured for this layer mode.

[options.duration] number optional

The duration for the close animation in milliseconds.

[options.easing] number optional

The timing function that controls the acceleration of the close animation.

[options.onFinished] Function optional

A callback that will run when the elements have been removed from the DOM.

If the layer has a close animation, the callback will run after the animation has finished.

[options.history=true] number optional experimental

Whether to restore the the parent layer's history state in the browser's address bar.

Return value