Unpoly 2.6.1 is now available.

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The unobtrusive JavaScript framework for server-side web applications

Unpoly enables fast and flexible frontends for server-rendered HTML views. It has no dependencies and plays nice with existing code.

Smoother navigation
Unpoly links can update page fragments instead of full pages. No JavaScript required.
Branch off into layers
Branch off interactions into layers, Return to the main page when you're done.
Animate page changes with fade, swipe or zoom transitions.
Faster response times
Outsmart latency by preloading pages, following links earlier, caching responses and keeping a persistent CSS / JS environment.
Structure for JavaScript snippets
Organize your frontend code in compilers and let Unpoly pair HTML elements with JavaScript behavior.
Better forms
Submit forms without leaving the page. Work with forms within modals. Validate forms against server rules while filling in fields.
Plays nice with existing code
Migrate any server-side web application with minimal changes to existing code.
Build your own components using Unpoly's extensive Javascript API and event model.
Degrades gracefully
Unpoly supports all modern browsers.
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