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up.protocol X-Up-Reload-From-Time
HTTP header

This feature has been deprecated. Use the standard Last-Modified header instead.

Load unpoly-migrate.js to polyfill deprecated features.

This request header contains a timestamp of an existing fragment that is being reloaded.

The timestamp must be explicitly set by the user as an [up-time] attribute on the fragment. It should indicate the time when the fragment's underlying data was last changed.

See [up-time] for a detailed example.


The time is encoded is the number of seconds elapsed since the Unix epoch.

For instance, a modification date of December 23th, 1:40:18 PM UTC would produce the following header:

X-Up-Target: .unread-count
X-Up-Reload-From-Time: 1608730818

If no timestamp is known, Unpoly will send a value of zero (X-Up-Reload-From-Time: 0).