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up.fragment up.navigate([target], [options])
JavaScript function

Navigates to the given URL by updating a major fragment in the current page.

up.navigate() will mimic a click on a vanilla <a href> link to satisfy user expectations regarding scrolling, focus, request cancelation and many other side effects.

Instead of calling up.navigate() you may also call up.render({ navigate: true }) option for the same effect.


[target] stringorElementorjQuery optional

The CSS selector to update.

If omitted a main target will be rendered.

You can also pass a DOM element or jQuery element here, in which case a selector will be inferred from the element attributes. The given element will also be set as the { origin } option.

Instead of passing the target as the first argument, you may also pass it as ยด{ target }` option.

[options] Object optional

See options for up.render().

Return value

A promise that fulfills when the page has been updated. For details, see return value for up.render().

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